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Big Bang Realty: Get 100% commission

The What

Big Bang Realty is the platform for real estate agents to connect with each other and the buyers, sell and rent properties, get 100% of the deal commission, elevate and grow — personally and professionally.

The How

At Big Bang Realty, agents pay a monthly subscription fee, and that’s it! All of the profits remain theirs. Our agents are free to plan their own time and location, they receive top-notch training and industry benefits.

The Why

We want to change how real estate agents work: give them total freedom in choosing where and when to work, elevate them to the highest level of entrepreneurship and help them achieve their most ambitious goals.

About the company

Big Bang Realty started as a solution to the problem the founders faced as real estate professionals in Riga, Latvia. Having worked locally for over a decade, the founders kept seeing a common issue in agents’ work: a lion’s share of the deal commission was taken by agencies — while the guys in the field demanded more. And they demanded not just more profit, but more freedom, professional growth, and understanding.

That’s how Big Bang Realty was born. We thought, if the real estate industry is going to be revolutionized, it will be done by us.

We came up with a concept of a monthly subscription for real estate agents while allowing them to keep 100% of the deal commission, offering them to plan their time freely and providing them with professional training and necessary resources to succeed.

Our Team

Oskars Zariņš

Oskars Zariņš
CEO, Co-founder

Adriāns Briedis-Macovei

Adrians Briedis
CFO, Co-founder

Katarīna Nīcgale

Katarīna Nīcgale
Customer Care, Co-founder

Mārtiņš Lielbārdis

Mārtiņš Lielbārdis
Sales Trainer

Press Room

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