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We connect you with relevant training and learning resources, including online and offline sessions, meetups, in-person appointments — that help you elevate your personal level and excel in the real estate field.

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We go the extra mile to be with you on every step you take. Whenever you need our help or guidance, we’ll be there to assist you. Count on us as your partner, and let’s reach the new heights — together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Big Bang Realty operates on a subscription basis: you pay €99/month (if paid monthly) or €79/month (if paid yearly), and that’s it! The commission from your sales is all yours. Plus, as our agent, you are entitled to exclusive bonuses and perks.

Does Big Bang Realty become my employer?

We become your partner, rather than an employer. When you sign up, we will offer you a contract to sign — and everything is official, but it is not an Employee Contract. Think of it as driving for Uber: we let you use our brand, you do the job, and get paid.

Can I still work at my other job?

Absolutely! Feel free to combine the two jobs (or even ten, for that matter). It’s up to you to juggle your own time and responsibilities right.

What properties can I list?

Add any properties for sale — both personal and commercial objects, including properties for rent or commercial lease.

How do I reach the buyers?

We will help you understand which tools work best, and teach you how to look for the buyers, at our trainings. Come by!

Do I qualify for additional bonuses?

Our partners provide a variety of bonuses and exclusive perks for you, as a Big Bang Realty agent. Look for the Perks link in your Dashboard.

Can I also rent properties?

Yes, you can list a property for rent, or in case of a commercial object — for long term lease.

How much profit do I get?

Deal size and commission will depend on many factors, market conditions and your professional effort. In any case, as agreed — as a Big Bang Realty agent, you receive 100% from the commission of any deal you close.

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