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At Big Bang Realty, we give our utmost attention to supporting you in your real estate agent journey, to caring about your success and solving your potential issues. Count on us 24/7!

Please get familiarized with the most common solutions before contacting us.

The registration process includes entering your username, email and password — then choosing one of the subscription plans, and later on filling out your profile, so we can make your account officially verified and you can start listing properties.

How do I verify my account?

Please fully fill out your profile, add your photo, submit your passport or ID card, so we could take a look and confirm your good standing.

Can I hide my name?

We believe in transparency and real human communications, that’s why we request that you have your government name on Big Bang Realty.

Shall I pay upfront?

Yes, you should choose one of the membership plans and pay it in full for the month or the year ahead respectively, to start using our services.

Why do I need a username?

You username is your unique identifier on Big Bang Realty. Along with your password, you will use it to log in to our website.

My username is taken. What shall I do?

Try adding a digit or two after your desired username. Maybe your birth year? Or come up with a completely different username.

My credit card does not work. Can I pay later?

Try calling your bank and working out the situation. We will activate your account when the subscription plan is paid.

When listing properties, make sure to add all the necessary data required in the Add New Listing dialog, upload quality pictures and submit the listing.

When will my listing be published?

When you have submitted your listing, we will take a look at it and confirm before publishing. You can expect us to do our best and confirm your property as soon as possible, but never longer than a few hours after submitting.

How many photos do I need to add?

Please upload at least one quality photo of your listing. We advise to add as much photos, as possible — so the clients can take a thorough look at the property, and you can close the deal faster.

Is the property address required?

Exact property address is not necessary, but it would help a lot, if your potential clients would know the location. Therefore it is encouraged to add a street address to your listing.

What is a property title?

A property title is a unique name you would call your listing, mentioning its advantages, location etc. Some examples include: “Beautiful wooden house by the lake” or “Nice loft apartment in the Silent Center”. Be creative!

How do I present myself to the clients?

Feel free to affiliate yourself with Big Bang Realty. You should proudly represent yourself as our agent, and use your property listings, as well as your profile page to confirm it.

What percentage of the commission do I share with you?

As agreed, full amount of the deal commission is yours! All you need to pay is your monthly subscription.

What should I do with the listing when the deal is closed?

Go to your listings in the Dashboard and pause/disable the property you have sold or rented. Another option is to delete the listing, but think carefully if you might need to relist it later.

How do I apply for perks?

Visit the Perks link in your dashboard, choose a partner for which perk you would like to apply, and click the link to email us from your account address.

I have missed an event. Will there be another one?

Yes, we will run regular events, according to the demand. Please let us know, what kind of event do you want to attend and we will work something out!

Can I use a perk repeatedly?

The perks are for one-time use, with your account email. Our partners offer valuable benefits for you as a Big Bang Realty agent, and we believe you will be able to afford their service once you start closing deals!

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